//kood School Model Expands to Finland

You might be puzzled – //kood? Previously, you probably have only heard about kood/Jõhvi, right? But this isn’t a mistake; welcome to the world of  //kood as we are expanding to new places. Today, we’re excited to announce that our family has grown – say hello to kood/Sisu, our coding school in Kuopio, Finland!

Students at kood/Sisu. Foto: Arto Holopainen (kood/Sisu)

A New Chapter in Finland

Just this spring, kood/Sisu welcomed its first 150 students in Kuopio, marking our first leap beyond Estonian borders. This expansion isn’t just about growing the numbers – it’s about creating an international network of coding schools that foster collaboration and innovation across borders.

Both kood/Jõhvi and kood/Sisu are more than just coding schools. They are hubs for future software developers who come from diverse backgrounds – whether you’re fresh out of school or a professional from fields as varied as medicine or hospitality. Our model is built on self-study and peer-to-peer learning, designed to equip you with critical coding skills through real-world tasks.

As far as we’re concerned, diversity is a key driver of innovation. With students from 33 different nationalities and a significant mix of genders and ages, our community is vibrant and dynamic. As Laura Nykänen, head of kood/Sisu, puts it: “The more diverse a group of people with various backgrounds who speak the language of programming in the future, the richer and more impactful digital services and products we can produce in the future. Coding is a language like any other; Finnish and English are constantly diversifying and evolving, and anyone can learn to speak them.”

Lauri Haav working in front of the entrance to kood/Sisu. Foto: Arto Holopainen (kood/Sisu)

Why to Expand?

Our goal? To drastically reduce the global shortage of software developers, revolutionise the educational framework,  and bring innovative coding education and new career opportunities to people in regional centres, driving interest and elevating economies. With the new Finnish branch and possible new locations we want to create a range of opportunities and benefits, including:

  • A modern learning platform.
  • Opportunities for student exchanges.
  • Collaborative projects with other //kood locations.
  • Potential future internships and job opportunities within our extensive partner network.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey!

Whether you are considering applying or are already part of our community, your role in this journey is crucial. You’re not just joining a school; you’re becoming part of a movement that supports innovative education and prepares you for a career in tech.

Curious about how you can be part of this exciting expansion? Visit our website for more information on how you can apply or open a school in your region.