How Two Career Changers Are Rewriting Their Futures at kood/Jõhvi

We invite you to dive into the heart of kood/Jõhvi through the eyes of our Sprinters, Saba and Tatyana. Learn more about the people who are about to change their life by learning to code, and their first experiences with kood/Jõhvi as they survive the intensive three-week Selection Sprint.

The Leap into Tech: Saba’s Story

Meet Saba (27), Anti-Money Laundering Specialist at Wise, originally from Pakistan, who plans to swap her business career for coding at kood/Jõhvi. Saba, known among friends as Saba_aka_tail (Estonian speakers would know why), initially came to Tallinn for a short term internship at a digital marketing firm, and one day while witnessing a lovely sunset from Linnahall, felt an urge to call this city “home” for a bit longer. It’s been 3 years now, and Saba is still madly in love with the summer sunsets here, occasionally travelling and exploring every bit of the world.

Saba in Paljassaare, Tallinn

One fine, snowy (read: massive snowstorm) evening, analysing my past jobs and pondering over what I enjoyed and what I didn’t, I realised I needed more than routine; I needed a challenge,” Saba shares about her decision to join kood/Jõhvi. So, she started exploring different career options which could align with her travelling aspirations (something that can be managed remotely), and at the same time, something which didn’t involve the same solution to every other task she has done, something with a nice upward learning curve. “Math always intrigued me, and coding seemed like a puzzle I might be eager to solve and enjoy.” kood/Jõhvi stood out as it didn’t require any coding background (unlike universities), had a clear structure and realistic goals (compared to some courses which promise that learning to code can be achieved in 30 days).

Now, three weeks into the Selection Sprint, Saba reflects “I had days where I felt as if I was getting hold of all the new concepts, and then there were days where I stare at my screen with questions like what, why, how? Nevertheless, overall I can confidently say that I am a lot less of the IT-alien that I was at the beginning of the Sprint – I can definitely flex with some basic terminal commands or design a not-so-very-strong but functional encryption tool with Go.

Beyond the code, it’s the people at kood/Jõhvi. Saba has found community and continuous support among fellow sprinters, turning coding sessions into an exciting journey. 

Saba’s Slice of Advice: Embrace the basics before diving deep. A little prep on Bash and Go can go a long way if you are completely new to the world of coding, do go over some basic tutorials, try to solve or grasp the logic of a few simple tasks. And don’t forget to try the cheese rolls (juusturull) at Grossi across the road from the school (Saba’s special recipe: “just put them in the microwave for 30 seconds, and thank me later”)!

Tatyana’s Creative Coding Journey

Tatyana Rubin, a Tallinn native with a background in advertising, public relations, and MBA, paints a picture of her life filled with creativity and constant learning. From real estate to documentary filmmaking, marketing, tourism, and now to coding, her career is anything but linear. “After my children grew up a bit, I decided to change careers. In school, I was in a maths-oriented class that included programming lessons, which I found enjoyable. However, at the time, I was influenced by stereotypes suggesting that this field wasn’t suitable for women. Now, I am pursuing my long-time dream of studying science, learning to code, and gaining technical skills,” Tatyana explains.


The Kood/Jõhvi Selection Sprint — a 3-week coding bootcamp, pushed me well beyond my comfort zone. The intense period of hands-on learning was challenging but also the most enjoyable part for me. Instead of dry theories, we focused on developing practical skills and underwent intensive training. The team effectively organised both coding-related activities and fun events. I was pleasantly surprised to discover my ability to handle stress, perform well under pressure, and still have a great time.”

Similarly to Saba, Tatyana cherished the opportunity to engage with a wonderfully diverse group of peers, each bringing unique perspectives from different backgrounds. The atmosphere was always electric, charged with positivity and dynamic energy. She extends her gratitude to all the co-sprinters, whose amazing support made the experience unforgettable and deeply impactful.

Tatyana’s Insights: No matter what guidance you receive, you probably can’t fully prepare for this unique experience. So, clear your mind and immerse yourself entirely in the Sprint. Hone your soft skills, embrace creativity, and be resourceful, gearing up for one of the most intriguing adventures of your life. Make friends, create memories together, and of course — dive into coding.

Looking Ahead

Both Saba and Tatyana underscore the unique, practical approach to learning to code at kood/Jõhvi, which not only prepares them for tech careers but also fosters a supportive network. Their stories highlight the diversity and inclusivity of kood/Jõhvi, where anyone eager to learn and grow is welcomed.

As they continue their coding journeys, the impact of their learning extends beyond technical skills, enriching their lives with new friendships and a renewed sense of purpose. At kood/Jõhvi, every code line and coffee break weaves into the larger narrative of building a diverse community of tech innovators.

Join us on this adventure where coding meets creativity and community. Explore more about our programme and apply now at study.kood.tech!