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No prior coding experience, degrees or other qualifications are required.

In order to apply, you need to be open-minded, motivated, and ready to commit to an up to 12-month study program. You must be at least 18 and have completed basic education (e.g. 9 grades in Estonia). 

In-depth explanation of the application process.

Important steps and dates

Step 1: Online Test – Check your logical thinking

Press Apply now, register and start the Test.


Step 2: Selection Sprint – Engage in a three-week trial of intensive coding tasks

Next Sprints to start studies in September 2024:


Step 3: Admission – Join our community of future coders

Selection Sprint results are announced 2-3 weeks after the completion of the Selection Sprint.

Confirm your place & start your studies on September 13, 2024 


You will be a full stack developer with an an extensive skill-set that will help you land a job after graduation.


8 months

4 months

Selection Sprint

During the intense 3-week (2 weeks on the spot in Jõhvi, 1 week – online) Selection Sprint you will dive head first into the world of coding. Daily tasks, weekly exams and teamwork are all a part of your experience.

Main Curriculum

The 8 months of coding is the main program that will prepare you for a career in tech. After these 8 months you will be able to code in Java and JavaScript.

Specialist Module

Choose between different specialisation tracks (e.g. AI, DevOps, Mobile, Cyber Security) or immerse yourself into other deep-dive modules.

What is it like to study at kood/Jõhvi?

100% practical and project based

No teachers, students work collaboratively

Learn to solve problems, not specific coding languages

Gamified learning experience

No courses. Only projects with levels of increasing difficulty

Each student progresses at their own pace during the  curriculum

Industry relevant and always evolving curriculum

Coding competence comparable to qualified engineers

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