//kood is an out-of-the-box solution to close the gap in digital skills and the shortage of IT talent worldwide. We offer a comprehensive blueprint for opening, operating, and marketing a coding school with an innovative hands-on peer-to-peer learning platform and methodology. 

Transform Your Community: Start a Coding School Today!

  • Reduce the shortage of Software Developers.
  • Give a boost to the economic potential of specific regions (disadvantaged communities, green transition, etc.).
  • Engage with local communities to improve access to education and employment.

We offer


Unique way of learning to code – a Full-Stack Software Developer in 12 months


Contribute to the development of the curriculum


Pick special modules that satisfy the needs of the target group, industry and/or region


Apply changes required by the IT industry


Everything needed to start is provided


Meet the needs of your local region or job market


Start it with or without a particular location

solutions for the needs of your region and job market.

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