Roger and Krete’s Internship Journey

This summer and autumn, kood/Jõhvi students Krete Saak and Roger Suuressaar participated in SEB Estonia’s internship programs Youth LAB and Development LAB.  As they take the next step in their coding journey, let’s delve into their backgrounds, their motivations for taking part in the internship, and the experiences that unfolded.

From cars to coding

Roger Suuressaar‘s path into coding started after an encounter with the unique educational model of kood/Jõhvi. Originating from the automotive industry, Roger’s initial skepticism turned into enthusiasm during the 3-week Selection Sprint. Two years into his coding education at kood/Jõhvi, he made his way into SEB’s Development LAB internship. His decision was fueled by the desire to delve into new programming languages and gain hands-on experience within a supportive environment.

The first Selection Sprints took place in 2021

Roger shares, “I decided to apply for the SEB internship as I saw it as an opportunity to learn new programming languages beyond what I had studied in school. It felt like jumping into unfamiliar waters, but I believed that mastering new languages in a banking environment would set a solid foundation for my future as a software developer.”

During his three-month internship, Roger had the mentorship of seasoned developers, a collaborative team structure reminiscent of kood/Jõhvi’s approach, and the opportunity to contribute to the transformation of SEB’s virtual advisor. His experience not only validated his coding skills but also broadened his perspective on the real-world applications of programming.

A content designer’s journey

For Krete Saak, a content designer seeking a deeper connection with coding, kood/Jõhvi’s project-based education emerged as the gateway to her career in IT. Armed with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, Krete’s started looking for ways to take on learning IT not in a classroom. And now, after almost a year of studying, she found herself in SEB’s Youth LAB internship, where Krete seamlessly integrated her design expertise with newfound coding skills.

Krete is a 2nd batch student, who has now been studying for a year!

Krete reflects on her journey, “The internship was an enriching experience where I felt welcomed into a friendly and enjoyable work environment. It allowed me to contribute significantly to the redesign of SEB’s chatbot window, aligning it with the overall website aesthetics.”

Her internship became a harmonious blend of knowledge acquired at kood/Jõhvi and hands-on coding challenges at SEB. The experience not only complemented her studies but also furthered her belief in the power of project-based education in shaping well-rounded IT professionals.

From studying to an internship

The transition from studying to an internship at kood/Jõhvi illustrates the success of the progressive education model in synergy with SEB’s practical challenges. Roger and Krete’s internship experiences showcase kood/Jõhvi’s effectiveness in preparing students for real-world scenarios. The guidance and teamwork not only improved their skills but also gave them a valuable new way to see programming.

Reflecting on Roger and Krete’s journeys, it’s evident that kood/Jõhvi’s commitment to progressive education aligns seamlessly with the tech industry’s demands. The experiences gained at SEB’s internships validated their skills and laid the foundation for further growth. 

The full story is available from here in Estonian.

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