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seb workshop

In the heart of Tallinn, 25 eager minds from kood/Jõhvi converged at SEB’s office in Tallinn, embarking on a day-long workshop to unravel the nuances of automated delivery. The day promised practical insights and firsthand experiences, guided by the expertise of SEB’s Solution Architect Andreas Pihelgas and Senior Software Developer Indrek Guitor.

SEB is a leading Nordic financial services group, founded in 1856. Since then they’ve been guided by a strong belief that entrepreneurial minds and innovative companies are key in creating a better world. 

“Our focus in supporting kood/Jõhvi is to nurture new talents in the field of technology. Through collaboration, we provide students with internship opportunities and, when suitable, potential employment. Learners also have the chance to prepare for entering the IT industry through mock interviews, job shadowing, and practical skills acquired in SEB workshops or mentorship groups,” explained Allan Parik, Chairman of the SEB Management Board.

The Future of Automated Delivery Workshop

Commencing at 10.00, the workshop delved into the foundations of automation, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery (CICD). Andreas, with over 9 years in the field, offered insights into release automation, while Indrek shared his journey of simplifying developers’ lives through SEB’s CICD system.

Start of the workshop!

Amidst lines of code, a hearty lunch provided by SEB fueled both minds and meaningful conversations. Beyond the practicalities of software development, the workshop was a platform for participants to connect and exchange ideas.

With laptops open, the afternoon session took a hands-on approach to CICD. Participants, under the watchful guidance of Andreas and Indrek, translated theory into tangible skills. The workshop focused on bridging the gap between concept and execution, paving the way for a deeper understanding of the nuanced details that define automated delivery in the world of software development. 

The challenge was hard even for our experienced developers!

Students’ feedback

“Our day began with SEB’s experts giving us a high-level overview of the CI/CD lifecycle and some of the more common tools and frameworks used throughout the process. They kept it simple, which was great for us, considering most of us were walking in with zero knowledge,” said Oskar Vosman from batch 3. 

Jaime Horna, also from the 3rd batch, added that “the workshop primarily focused on Jenkins and its capabilities in setting up continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines. One big takeaway was the emphasis on automation. Jenkins made it clear that automating tasks reduces errors and brings consistency.”

Overall the atmosphere during the workshop was very collaborative, friendly but also professional. “It was a day of peer-to-peer learning without the fluff. The atmosphere was friendly, the knowledge exchange was real, and we left with a better understanding of CI/CD and the developer life in general,” said Oskar.

The students had patient “teachers” to guide them through the new subject but also other SEB employees. “They were super friendly and nice, answering all our questions, showed us the SEB building, explained the insights of the organisation structure, SEB’s internships and jobs opportunities,” explained Jaime Horna about the other huge value of such workshops.

SEB’s view on the workshop

Andreas Pihelgas, reflecting on the success of the event, shared his perspective, “From our standpoint, things went exceptionally well. Witnessing the enthusiasm and active participation from students was truly inspiring. It’s gratifying to see the impact of such hands-on experiences, creating a bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical application.” 

The workshop wasn’t just a one-way transfer of knowledge; it was a dynamic exchange. Students actively absorbed insights from experienced developers, demonstrating a high level of motivation and engagement. The success of this event underscores the importance of such collaborative initiatives in nurturing the next generation of tech talents.

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