Meet the Sprinters! v3

We’ve made our way to the last Selection Sprint of 2022.

What does this mean? After this 3-week Sprint, we will have chosen the best applicants who have the opportunity to start their 2-year coding journey in kood/Jõhvi! 

It’s been a long application period with about 700 people trying their hand in coding and therefore taking part in the Selection Sprint process to see if kood/Jõhvi is for them and if they make the cut. This year we also have a lot more international students. During the first step of application, the Online Test, people from 77 different nationalities took part! 

The new application period starts from 2023, so keep an eye on our social media channels and newsletter to be up-to-date with everything happening! 

But now, let’s get an understanding of who exactly took the 3-week long leap to the world of kood/Jõhvi’s Selection Sprint: 


‘I am Jelisaveta from Serbia, currently obtaining my Master’s degree in Bioengineering at the University of Tartu. Since my thesis is more close to bioinformatics and genomics, I know the basics of Unix, R and Perl. I enjoyed my programming tasks so much that now I want to explore more and maybe do a career change.

I am a full-time nerd that is always studying something. I speak Serbian and French and am currently learning Estonian and Turkish. I love traditional Turkish archery and playing airsoft and video games.’

Jelisaveta is a fan of precision shooting!

I am happy to be part of the Selection Sprint and I hope I get through to the school’s full program!


‘I am actually a lawyer by training and most recently worked as a legal counselor for applicants of international protection and asylum with the Estonian Police and Border Guard department. Outside of that, I am an event and press photographer at Ekspress Meedia.

I’ve also started a few websites (I am a complete amateur webmaster though, knowing only the absolute basics of HTML, CSS, MySQL, Perl, Unix/Linux etc), written a book, been a teacher, done public speaking, been in a Hollywood movie, acted onstage at the Estonian National Opera, travelled to a few dozen countries (mostly couchsurfing), done travel vlogging on Youtube. And a lot more! I’m also a fan of board games and movies but also creating different content myself.’

Anton and his camera!

‘I have worked as a voluteer for Syrian and Ukranian refugees at refugee centres, currently working as a volunteer for a startup called Fudloop fighting food wastage (we collect expiring food from shops, saving it from being sent to the garbage dump and redistributing it via a smartphone accessible high-tech fridge in the city center). 

And now I’m here at the Selection Sprint. Let’s try this out and see where everything goes on from there!’


‘I’m from Läänemaa, Estonia. (Interesting that we seem to be a minority in this course.) 

I decided to learn programming this year, and after I had selected my university and course, I heard about kood/Jõhvi. And because I couldn’t choose which road to take, I took both. So now I’m also a student at Tallinn University – Haapsalu College. Hoping that the two courses complement each other.’

Agnes hiking in Läänemaa.

‘About me – I’m a bit into everything, from politics to art. That’s also part of why I’m here. I’d like to learn practical skills so I can contribute to my favourite projects. I’m rather outgoing, crazy about my cats (like all people who have cats).’


‘I’m very open to new challenges and opportunities. To confirm that I have been studying in Estonian Military Academy, I took a leap into unknown waters, and went to study in Wales to get my BSc and now I am here with you guys to take on another challenge! 

In addition, everything related to rap music and dad jokes, I’m excited to listen to.’

Martin at Mount Vitosha in Sofia

‘More about my educational and work background – I have been to European Championships with the Estonian youth basketball team and I am currently coaching athletes from various other sports such as Golf and Handball. 

In relation to coding, I don’t have any previous experience but I see it as an upside as I’m a completely clean sheet.’

So many interesting people and stories! We’ve gathered some of them in our blog – check it out in the ‘Meet the Students’ section.