Meet Margarita Zahharova 🚀

Margarita Zahharova is a 25-year-old from Tartu. The last 7 years she has traveled ✈️ around the world and finally came back to Estonia last year to try to start her career in something new. This is the reason why she went to study computer science in the university. Soon enough she saw kood/Jõhvi on the news and knew that this was the place for her. She came to the Selection Sprint fully prepared and ready to fight for her place! 💪

Margarita feels like former experience doesn’t help that much during the Selection Sprint. “You might know the basics but there is still a lot to learn and you end up coding 12 hours a day 🕛,” says Margarita. One thing she has found out to be essential is explaining parts of the code and how things work to her peers. “This gives me more insights 🔎 but also confirms everything I have learned so far. Also I feel especially happy 🤗 when other people succeed and I love being part of their growth.” 

When talking about tips and tricks during the Selection Sprint, Margarita emphasizes time management. “You need to take time off ⌛ and make it a daily habit, this clears your mind and helps with getting through harder obstacles.” Margarita has been actively talking with all the other students and getting to know them.💬 “I feel like kood/Jõhvi develops a lot of soft skills that are important for succeeding in life. The atmosphere favors being social and after 3 weeks even the most introverted people are being more vocal and being honest with their peers about their joys and fears,” says Margarita. 

After the Sprint, Margarita wants to continue her school journey in kood/Jõhvi. 🚀 She has liked solving riddles 🧩 and coming up with different algorithms since a young age – and this is exactly the kind of methodology that runs the school. So let’s hope for the best and good luck Margarita! 🤞