Andres Sulg is a 32-year-old firefighter 🚒 from Jõhvi. He’s had an interest in coding for a while now but still hasn’t gotten around to learning about how it works and what needs to be done. Now by attending the Selection Sprint, he has got the opportunity to learn something new. So far he really likes the methodology and the possibilities that coding has to offer. 💻

“I feel like the fast pace 💨 and heavy load of assignments during the Sprint fits me. I am motivated to learn everything new. Although sometimes a lack of knowledge gets in the way, then I take it as a challenge,” says Andres. One thing that has helped him with moving forward in the Sprint, is the nature of his everyday work. “Firefighting means dealing with a lot of stressful situations every day, so I don’t feel the stress of the Selection Sprint and just try to move at my own🚶tempo.” Also, something that helps with keeping the mind clear, are different activities away from the computer screen. When feeling stuck, then Andres finds a few people with whom he can go running, play basketball 🏀 or go swimming.

At the start of his coding journey, it was hard to get on the right track. 🚆 Then he started to develop his listening 👂 and searching skills to understand the basis of different assignments he was working on. “Achieving the right rhythm might be tough at the beginning but the people around you are super supportive. 🫂 They always help you as much as they can. This motivates you to work harder.” Now Andres feels like the main skill he can take with him from the Sprint, is the way he learned how to actually learn something new. 

Andres wants to start his school journey at kood/Jõhvi but if it will really happen – only time will tell. Although the environment and program suit him well, then it’s hard to move away from your everyday life and focus on coding. But he is really happy that something like this happened right here in his hometown. 🚀