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Meet the people behind kood/Jõhvi. We have put together a passionate team, who wants to provide the best IT-education possible.

team /

Karin Künnapas

Head of School 

Elle-Mari Pappel

Head of School (maternity leave)

Mart Maasik

Head of Partnerships

German Karin

Technical Manager



Kadi Lääts

Community Manager


Antero Kevin Leedu

Marketing and Communications 

Karl Lainestu

Technical Developer



partners /

Jaan Kokk

Financial Advisor

Marven Aus

Planning and Construction

Kamp Arhitektid

School building construction


Team building

founders /

Marek Kiisa

Marek Kiisa

Martin Vilig

Martin Villig

Maarja Pehk

Maarja Pehk

Merlin Seeman

Merlin Seeman

Taavet Hinrikus

Taavet Hinrikus

Rainer Sternfeld

Rainer Sternfeld

Mari-Liis Kitter

Mari-Liis Kitter

Ede Schank Tamkivi

Ede Tamkivi

careers /

Are you interested in joining our team to help us to provide the best IT education? 

If you want to join our team, but there are no suitable positions available, feel free to email us to tell us what you could bring to the team and why you want to join kood/Jõhvi