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Our students are constantly entering the job market, and we are thrilled to connect them with employers like you. 👋 

How to hire from kood/Jõhvi?

We have established our own recruitment process that our Talantu menedžeris Liis Leidsaar ( would be delighted to introduce you to.

Why hire from kood/Jõhvi?


In addition to technical skills, the average kood/Jõhvi talent (27 years old) has an early career in another field, thus possessing multiple competencies.

Talent Pool

We have a diverse talent pool of nearly 500 students (and growing!)

Full stack

kood/Jõhvi students are full-stack developers – they learn Go and JavaScript plus Rust or a specialisation module. 

Future Skills

Under the guidance of Estonia’s most prosperous technology businesses, our talents have finished workshops to build both technical and other career-related abilities.

Problem Solvers

Our hands-on teaching methodology is both independent and teamwork based, which means that kood/Jõhvi talents are driven problem-solvers and quick adapters.

Wide Variety

Talents with experience from kood/Jõhvi do not necessarily have to become developers, because they have the skills to succeed in other technological roles.

Curious about the job positions kood/Jõhvi students have already secured?

Students from the 1st batch have found a job or an internship during the school program.

These are some of the job positions they have landed so far!

  • Client Engineer
  • Data Platform Developer
  • Software  Developer
  • QA Engineer
  • Software Tester
  • Full Stack Developer
  • IT Support
  • Software  Engineer
  • Game Developer
  • QA Tester

How does the hiring process look like?


Step 1

Send us your job offer description or arrange a call with Liis Leidsaar (


Step 2

We will share your job offer in our inner channels


Step 3

Within a three week period you will receive the most suitable candidates’ resumes

Different conditions apply to our partners.

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