Donate chairs for kood/Jõhvi students

One time donation with the purpose to buy office chairs for our building in Jõhvi. Oh, and you get a plaque designed with your input. Great for branding yourself or your company! 



Don’t forget to add your ID-code või company registration code to the “additional information” field.

How will it look like? Something like this:

Why should you support the students and kood/Jõhvi? This is the future… and you get a plaque with your / your companies name or logo and a small quote! This is a great way to promote yourself to new and existing students and be a part of kood/Jõhvi for times to come!

Donation terms

To make a donation, you must select the type of donation (single object, multiple objects), fill in the required data fields and make a donation by using the bank payment option. Your ID is required if you wish to declare your donation on your tax declaration for tax deduction.

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