Donate chairs for kood/Jõhvi students

One time donation with the purpose to buy office chairs for our building in Jõhvi. Oh, and you get a plaque designed with your input. Great for branding! 

Make a fixed donation

This donation is used to furnish the new Jõhvi school building and make sure that the students have an amazing environment to conduct their studies from. 

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Don’t forget to add your ID-code or company registration code to the “additional information” field.

How will it look like? Something like this:


В наличии

Make a one time donation

You can choose the amount in which you wish to support the furnishing of kood/Jõhvi. This will go towards different pieces of furniture for the Jõhvi school building.

Bank credentials
Name: Mittetulundusühing Tuleviku Tehnoloogiaharidus
IBAN: EE297700771005127741
BIC/Swift code details: LHVBEE22XXX and AS LHV PANK, TARTU MNT 2, TALLINN, Estonia
Explanation: ID-code or company registration number and ‘info about donation’ text

Why? We are moving into our new building and we need to buy different pieces of furniture! And of course long days behind the computer means there is the need for ergonomic chairs! 

Why should you support the students? They are the future… and you get a plaque with your / your companies name or logo and a small quote! This is a great way to promote yourself to new and existing students and be a part of kood/Jõhvi for times to come!

Everyone who has made a donation is welcome to come visit us when the Jõhvi school building opens in November 2022!

Donation terms

To make a donation, you must select the type of donation (single object, multiple objects), fill in the required data fields and make a donation by using the bank payment option. Your ID is required if you wish to declare your donation on your tax declaration for tax deduction.

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