The Re-skilling Journeys of Hiuug and Markku at kood/Jõhvi

Join us on a journey into the lives of our latest Sprinters, Hiuug and Markku, as they share their thoughts and challenges of the kood/Jõhvi Selection Sprint. Discover how their unique backgrounds and curiosity led them to the world of coding, taking first steps to reshape their careers and futures.

Hiuug: A Swiss Visionary’s Leap into Coding

Meet Hiuug, a multifaceted scholar from Switzerland with a rich academic background spanning from anthropology, biology, neurosciences to ethics, and even with a traditional diploma in milking cows and making cheese (yes, that’s a diploma in Switzerland!). Despite his diverse expertise, Hiuug faced challenges in finding a career path that allowed growth and integration of his varied interests.

His journey took a pivotal turn towards technology when discussing his passion project – a unique blend of fiction and gaming focused on creativity. Encouraged by friends and intrigued by the potential in gaming and AI, Hiuug participated in a GameJam, discovering not only a passion for coding but also the creative possibilities it opened up for his projects.

Choosing kood/Jõhvi was a natural fit for Hiuug. Attracted by the school’s task- and result-oriented approach rather than obligatory classes, which resonated with his self-directed learning style, he found a place that echoed his method of working and studying. Hiuug’s advice to future sprinters emphasizes the use of tools like AI to enhance understanding but warns against over-reliance: “Use technology to strengthen your skills, not get dependent on it.”

Meet Hiuug

Markku: Shaking Up Life Behind the Bar

Here is Markku, whose last 14 years were a cocktail of experiences in the HoReCa sector, from dishwasher, waiter, bartender to global ambassador for Liviko and Estonian brand ambassador for huge brands like Bacardi-Martini. He made masterclasses for 1000+ people and today has a cocktail catering, microbrewery and two bars. Despite success in his field, Markku always had a curiosity about technology followed by “what if” thoughts about a career in tech.

The pull of his childhood fascination with computers became irresistible, and the launch of kood/Jõhvi presented the perfect opportunity for change. Transitioning from hospitality to coding, Markku embraced the intensive learning environment, finding joy and a sense of mindfulness in solving coding puzzles. He describes his experience as revitalising, with each coding challenge acting like a step forward in his new tech journey.

For Markku, the social aspects of kood/Jõhvi – bonding and networking during school events – have been crucial. His advice to new sprinters reflects his own approach: “Stay calm, take it one step at a time, and immerse yourself in understanding the logic; and don’t miss out on the social events!”

Meet Markku

The Background Doesn’t Matter

Both Hiuug and Markku demonstrate a great example of the spirit of kood/Jõhvi, where diverse backgrounds come together to start new pathways in tech. Their stories show that anyone with curiosity and determination can reshape their future in the tech industry.

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