Episode 7 – “Opportunities in Ida-Virumaa” [RUS special]

Welcome back to another exciting episode of kood/Cast! In this episode, our team embarks on a unique journey to explore the endless opportunities that the Ida-Virumaa region, known for its Russian-speaking population, has to offer to programmers and entrepreneurs.

What makes this episode particularly special is that it’s recorded in Russian, aiming to introduce the local community to the vibrant world of startups. Join us as we dive deep into this fascinating topic with our esteemed guests: Anton Ossipovski, the founder of OBJEKT in Narva; Elina Dubova, a representative from Startup Estonia; and Jegor Petsorin, a local startup enthusiast.

Discovering Ida-Virumaa’s Potential

Ida-Virumaa, located in northeastern Estonia, is a region rich in culture and diversity. It’s no secret that the majority of its population speaks Russian, creating a unique cultural tapestry within the Estonian landscape. However, beyond its linguistic uniqueness, Ida-Virumaa holds immense untapped potential for programmers and entrepreneurs. This is also one of the reasons why kood/Jõhvi was launched here!

Our Guests

We invited 3 different guests with differen background, Anton, Elina and Jegor, all making efforts to develop the Ida-Viru region.

Anton Ossipovski, is the visionary founder of OBJEKT, a co-working and event space in Narva. Elina Dubova, a representative from Startup Estonia, plays a crucial role in fostering the startup ecosystem across the entire region. Jegor Petsorin, is a true enthusiast when it comes to the startup culture. He’ll share his personal experiences and perspective on the growth of the startup culture in the region.


In this special episode of kood/Cast, we’ve embarked on a journey to uncover the untapped potential of Ida-Virumaa as a hub for programmers and entrepreneurs. With Anton Ossipovski, Elina Dubova, and Jegor Petsorin as our guides, we’ve explored the challenges, opportunities, and the vibrant culture that thrives in this unique region of Estonia.

Stay tuned as we delve into the dynamic world of startups in Estonia’s most Russian-speaking region, and discover how Ida-Virumaa is becoming a thriving hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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