kood/JobFair 2023 – Your Gateway to a Tech Career

kood/JobFair turned out to be a fantastic opportunity for students to connect with hiring managers and recruiters from some of the most successful and innovative companies in the Estonian tech industry.

One of the founders of kood/Jõhvi, Rainer Sternfeld, opened up the event with an inspiring talk

Exclusive Event for kood/Jõhvi Students and Partners: Supporting Their IT Career Journey

The event, which was scheduled for May 10th, was exclusively for kood/Jõhvi students and was designed to support them in starting their IT careers. The kood/Jõhvi team put together a day full of workshops, inspirational talks, and panels conducted by our partners, which helped attendees navigate their first steps in the tech world.

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Valuable Insights from Top Industry Professionals

The event featured some of the top industry professionals who shared valuable insights into the world of tech. Piret Saag from Veriff led a workshop on how to choose the most suitable career path. Maris Ottenson from LHV shared valuable tips on creating a personal brand for yourself. Kristel Kruustük provided valuable tips and strategies for building a strong professional network to boost your career success. Karl Einaru from Bolt revealed the secrets to acing job interviews and standing out from the competition.

The workshops were a fun way to learn new skills to develop students skills

And that’s not all! We also had a panel with experts from Glia, Proekspert, CGI Estonia and Microsoft.

The event schedule was packed with interesting talks and workshops but also relaxed networking!

A Pathway to a Successful Tech Career

The kood/Jõhvi JobFair proved to be an excellent opportunity for students to take their first steps towards building a successful career in the tech industry or to advance their current career. Even those who were already working in the field benefited from the event by attending workshops and sessions or networking for the future.

The talks offered great insight for finding a dream job in the future

Networking with Successful and Innovative Companies

The event also featured some of the most successful and innovative companies in the Estonian tech industry, including Veriff, LHV, Bolt, Glia, Proekspert, CGI Estonia, Simple Magic, SMIT, Microsoft, SEB and VKG. It was an excellent opportunity for attendees to network and chat with them, and who knows what might come in store for them in the future!

Students got the chance to talk with different companies and find out what they’re doing

Different companies were also represented in the Demo Area, where students had 1-on-1 talks with company representatives that might lead to future connections or a new workplace!

kood/JobFair Aftermath

The kood/Jõhvi JobFair was a great opportunity to meet recruiters and hiring managers and gain insights into the Estonian tech industry. It provided invaluable insights on building a successful IT career after completing school, with a diverse range of informative sessions, engaging workshops, and insightful panels.

During the networking party the students and company representatives had the chance to reflect in a more open setting

We eagerly anticipate kood/JobFair 2024, where we’ll aim even higher to bring an event that’s bigger and better than ever before!

📸 by Rene Lutterus