Workshop with partners / Proekspert

Last month, kood/Jõhvi‘s first batch of students had workshop sessions together with Proekspert in their Tallinn office. The main goal? Students can see behind the curtains of the tech world and meet people already in the development world. Partners can meet the students and offer them great experiences! 

Proekspert is a professional IT services company who help device and machine manufacturers develop intelligent products and focus on customers through value-adding digital services.

The start of the the workshop

The day started from 10.00. It began with a teamwork & development process workshop. There students got an understanding of how the development work at Proekspert looks like. They also got acquainted with different new concepts like “sprints”, “scrum”, “embedded engineering” and “agile methods”. After an introduction to these concepts, the students tried the agile project management methodology out for themselves and planned the construction of a sauna!

The first workshop ended with a tour around the office. Then everyone ate lunch together and had a chat. ”It was in a really pleasant environment. Every station has its own personality. Turning it off and on again memes on the walls, and even a waifu cushion resting behind a desk,” said Alex Viik, a 28-year old student at kood/Jõhvi, about his first emotions. 

Proekspert’s kitchen

A hands-on coding task

“Next came the most fascinating part for me – a hands-on coding task! We needed to add functionality to an employment site. In particular, we had to obtain information about various tasks from the API, then check for user skills, discover suitable tasks, and show them as suggestions to the user/worker,” describes Alex the workflow. He had a lot of fun doing something different from the regular school tasks while using new methods to reach the end result!

Proekspert’s employees explaining the task

A lot of emotions were going around after the end of the day. Alex has this to say: “It seemed like a peaceful and comfortable working environment, which is important while trying to solve complicated challenges. It is without a doubt one of my preferred workplaces for the future.” So within the days worth of activities Alex already found a place he’s eager to get more involved with! Some of our students are already starting their internships in different companies and Proekspert is no exception. 

Proekspert’s view on the workshop

Kristiina Peterson, one of the leaders of the workshop said this: “Spending a day with students in a low-stress environment can create connections: we’re able to see what skills they have and compare that to what we need in our company.”

You can take a look at Agile & People Coach Kristiina’s angle and remarks from the workshop from their blog.

This kind of workshop was a great way to already put an eye out for potential talent! And the workshop even motivated current employees, working together with so many motivated and talented faces during the day. “New faces hungry for knowledge, tasks remarkably different from everyday assignments, and quite possibly a bubblier atmosphere in general, are some benefits we’ve seen at Proekspert’s workshop days.”

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