1057 people have done the Online Test!

These people are from 53 different nationalities 🗺️ and their average age is 30. The oldest being 75 years old and the youngest 11! 🧒(Unfortunately, we can only accept people who are over the age of 18. 😕 But great effort nonetheless, the future seems bright!😎)

From our 1057 applicants, 33% are woman, holding up the flag for making women in tech a standard!👩‍💻 63% of the applicants are men and 4% did not specify their gender. 

These are some interesting stats from the Online Test – the first step of application to kood/Jõhvi. 🚀

From the 4th of April we already start with the first Selection Sprint period – 3 weeks of intense coding. 🏃 After the Sprint, we already know the first people taking part in the 2nd ever batch of kood/Jõhvi. Wish them luck! 🤞

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