First week of 2022 Application Period

Stats-First week of application

Applications to kood/Jõhvi have been up and running for 1 week already! 🗓️

So far we have almost 500 applicants in the first round – the Online Test. And about 15% of the applicants got through to the next round – the Selection Sprint! 🏃This means that for every 20 applicants, 3 people advanced to the next round. Now they can fill in their personal information, after which they can select their Selection Sprint dates. 

The application process in 3 steps

What’s the applicants background? 👤

442 applicants in one week. 63% of them are men, 34% women and 3% haven’t specified their gender. All together, we have 35 different nationalities represented within the applicants. As for their education, the most popular education levels are secondary education and bachelor’s degree. This means that we have people straight from high school but also people who want to try something new in their career! 

Stats from the first week of applications

Want to apply to kood/Jõhvi? 👇

Go to https://study.kood.tech/ and: 1) create an account; 2) finish the 1,5 hour Online Test; 3) wait for your result. Results are updated every Tuesday.

PS. The Selection Sprint positions are given on a “first come first served” basis. This means that if the spots are full then you have to try again next year! Apply now or regret later!