Estonia’s ICT sector is the place to be!

Here are some numbers that show us why the ICT sector in Estonia is the place to be! 👇

Statistics about the ICT-sector in Estonia

A deficit of about 8000 people 👥 in the ICT-sector in Estonia. This speculative number shows us the need for IT-specialists and how demand exists.

In order to maintain and increase the competitiveness of the Estonian economy 🏃, 1.5 times more ICT specialists are needed compared to today. Why not contribute to the cause? 👊

A survey on the Estonian labor market shows that the gross salary of a regular software developer in Estonia is 2853 euros. 💰 This is double the average salary in Estonia at the moment.

And although these numbers are true for Estonia – with our international 2-year program you will develop a wide package of tech skills 💻that are competitive wherever you end up in the future. kood/Jõhvi opens a door🚪 for you that you get from nowhere else.

So what’s next? ⏩ Learn the skills of tomorrow and start your future in IT! 💻

👉kood/Jõhvi’s application period will start on 01.02.2022. 👈

More information from www.kood.tech

**All the information is gathered from OSKA ICT-sector analysis findings from 2016/2021 and from the Estonian Salary Information Centre.**