Meet Kaspars Spāre 🚀

Kaspars is a 31-year old who worked in the financial sector. He is from Latvia but took a 3-week trip to Estonia for the Selection Sprint. These kinds of random trips are not new to him – in his free time he enjoys mountaineering ⛰️ and this has made him travel all around the world. He came to kood/Jõhvi with the goal to find out if he likes programming or not. So far so good. 

Kaspars says that the first half of the Sprint has been challenging and everything moves at a fast pace. But communicating 💬 with others and finding his own speed in which to move forward, has been the key element of success so far. “The coding experience has been useful. I already feel like I have learned a lot of the basics and finally understand what’s going on. This is a great kick-off to my entry to the world of IT,” says Kaspars. 

When talking about the overall atmosphere at the Selection Sprint, Kaspars brings out everyone’s diverse backgrounds. “I have never seen such a wide variety of people cramped up together. There are bakers 🧁, former developers, and so on – and all of them have so much motivation to work towards reaching their goals.” And another thing he brings out is the activeness of people, “Morning runs, swimming together, watching football ⚽ – it’s such a loving community and it’s great to be a part of it.”

Kaspars future plans are uncertain. He takes it a day at a time and right now he wants to finish all the assignments, learn to code and then get into the 2-year school program. If he succeeds, then it’s time to think about the future – whether to start his career in coding or go on with something else. One thing is certain: he has a lot of experience to take with him from the 3 weeks of Selection Sprint. 🏃