46 new students enrolled in kood/Jõhvi

The first Selection Sprint was a success and we now have 46 new students!

During the 3-week period, potential students started with their first steps in the world of programming. Not all of them finished but that’s totally OK, this is a two way test. Self-learning does not work the same for everyone! 

What did we see?
A lot of motivated people are eager to start their new journey in kood/Jõhvi.

People who finished the 3-week Selection Sprint!

Their background?
Professional athletes from around the world, entrepreneurs, mechanics, fresh students from high school/university and a lot more. A really diverse group of people! Ages ranged from 18 – 57. A person even came all the way from Chile to study at kood/Jõhvi!

About 20% of them had some sort of IT or coding background but the other 80% were complete novices. During the 3-week period, all of them dove head first into the world of coding and they did an amazing job!

Live, Code, Laugh!

The new students will start their school journey at kood/Jõhvi from October 2022. Until then, they have time to rearrange their life and get ready for the 2-year program.

During the Summer, we have 2 Selection Sprints, from where we accept even more future students! Want to learn more about the application process?
Click here!

If you also feel like kood/Jõhvi might be the place for you then press “apply now” and complete the Online Test.
Try it out! A 1,5 hour fun game to test your memory and logical thinking skills.