CodeX and kood/Jõhvi invites developers to Riga!

CodeX and kood/Jõhvi invites developers to Riga from 17.06-19.06! Three hackathon days will host challenges on machine learning, VR, and beyond, as well as after-hours events and money prizes up to 5000 EUR.

🤖 The event is beginner-friendly with exciting no-code & low-code challenges.

Eager to make its mark as an exciting destination for new talent, the Riga-based event will offer a fully cost-covered experience for international developers. For the 48h hours, participants will get to enjoy not just the local food & accommodation, but also the opportunity to explore new technologies – ranging from machine learning to multiverse. Participation in CodeX is free of charge and anyone can apply.

“We hope that all the hackathon participants will experience moments of creative joy, have a lot of fun, and build innovative and useful solutions. In CodeX, we are all about combining people with different skill sets and backgrounds, but they all have something in common – they want to challenge themselves,” says one of the hackathon organizers Zane Grēta Grants.

CodeX takes place from 17-19 June in Riga, Latvia

CodeX will serve as the ground for collaboration, providing a unique opportunity to work and interact with hundreds of developers while supported by experienced mentors and industry experts. The hackathon will take place simultaneously both virtually and physically in Riga, Latvia and will be held in English.

More info from hackcodex.eu