//kood is an out-of-the-box solution to close the gap in digital skills and the shortage of IT talent worldwide. We offer a comprehensive blueprint for opening, operating, and marketing a coding school with an innovative hands-on peer-to-peer learning platform and methodology. 

Transform Your Community: Start a Coding School Today!

  • Reduce the shortage of Software Developers.
  • Give a boost to the economic potential of specific regions (disadvantaged communities, green transition, etc.).
  • Engage with local communities to improve access to education and employment.

We offer


Unique way of learning to code – a Full-Stack Software Developer in 12 months


Contribute to the development of the curriculum


Pick special modules that satisfy the needs of the target group, industry and/or region


Apply changes required by the IT industry


Everything needed to start is provided


Meet the needs of your local region or job market


Start it with or without a particular location

solutions for the needs of your region and job market.

Finland is competing for IT professionals and software developers. Our objective is to increase the availability of skilled IT talent. Through close collaboration, we provide our students with concrete benefits, including an innovative learning platform. Furthermore, we have the flexibility to customize and develop the study program based on our specific needs.”

Miika Soininen
Chairman of the Board of Koodi/Sisu ry