Siim is a 25-year-old full-time cyclist 🚴, currently living in France.🇫🇷 For the last 3 years, he’s been training and competing in Saint-Étienne, France. When he first heard of the school, he really liked the concept and left it at that. A year went by and he felt like he’d like to combine sports with studying to reduce stress about the future. University seemed too academic for him and that’s why he made the decision to apply to kood/Jõhvi! 💻

“At first I was really nervous about coming to the Selection Sprint with no prior knowledge of coding and went through all the information available on the internet about the school but also worked through all the coding materials we were sent beforehand,” says Siim about the preparations beforehand. 📚 But right now Siim feels like he made the right decision. A lot of pressure, even more than he has ever had. A lot of new information but he still feels like this is the place for him and he’s actually really enjoying it. 🤗 Also, stress from the Sprint makes training motivation bigger, and the two complement each other!

Siim training in the luxury of his dormitory room in Sillamäe

Siim is really trying to get the maximum amount of experience from the Selection Sprint – he tries to be on spot at every event and gathering but also works constantly on completing the tasks. ✅ When talking about the people around, Siim has this to say: “It’s amazing to see so many people with similar ambitions and goals. And even though our backgrounds differ a lot before the Sprint, when we start coding, then we are all equal and unity emerges.” During the first week, he already feels like he’s met more new and cool people than in the last few years abroad. 👥

“I will do everything in my power 💪 to get to be a part of the 2nd batch of kood/Jõhvi,” says Siim. His background in professional sports does not let him take failure as an option. He wants to move back to Estonia and combine cycling and coding studies together. These are the goals he has set for himself!