The first week of the Selection Sprint is reaching its end!

We’ve had a kood/Talk by Eva-Maria Kangro on the subject “Taking Care of the Most Important Person.” 🧍During this kood/talk Eva-Maria Kangro (Psychologist (Ph.D.), Change Management and Self-Development Expert at Miltton New Nordics) dove into the situations in which stress and tension tend to manifest themselves. And she gave some good advice on practical skills to make use of! 📔

Eva-Maria Kangro during her kood/Talk

On Thursday we had Speed Dating and also filmed a commercial for kood/Jõhvi. It was a super fun day full of activities and some got to try out their acting skills! 🎥

Kirill Volkov and his team at Wedia had a full day of filming with us

And today, on Friday, we had the first exam. 💻 It was hard but people left with good emotions. Great to see people overcoming obstacles and see them develop. Really and truly an awesome experience to witness and be a part of.

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