The start of kood/Jõhvi!🚀 

Statistics of first students

The first class of kood/Jõhvi will take off with 215 eager and motivated students on September 13! 🚀 

As we saw so many amazing candidates during the 3-week Selection Sprint, we decided to increase the planned class size.🧑‍🎓 Congratulations to everyone who will start their coding journey in kood/Jõhvi! 

The background of our new students is diverse as you’ve seen so far: there’s a diver, lawyer ⚖️, mechanic, baker 🧁, firefighter and students whose first education will be coding. Their average age is 27 but the oldest one is even 62 years of age! This shows us how age is just a number when you want to enter the world of tech! 💻

When talking about where our students have come from then the picture gets even more diverse! We have people from all over the world 🌍 16 different nationalities are represented within the 215 students. It’s awesome to see how borders have no limits when it comes to searching for the most motivated and gifted 🌟 people!

Statistics of first students