Siimon Härm is a 26-year-old who has a huge passion for programming. 💻 At first he studied physics, then went on to study IT in a university. During his time at the university he pioneered Edukoht – a programming course for the youth from Ida-Virumaa. 🧑‍🎓 His experience with teaching programming is also the reason he came to kood/Jõhvi. Siimon knew a lot about other schools using similar self-learning methodology and wanted to see how the schools program actually works.  

“So far, everything has come easily to me, but if you want to make it more challenging for yourself, then you can try out bonus exercises 🧩 that really make you think out of the box📦,” says Siimon about his experience at the Sprint. For him the Selection Sprint is a way to continue his education process and at the same time get enough practice to develop himself more as a programmer. “Even after years of experience, I feel like I do not yet have credibility to work as a developer. This is the perfect opportunity to finally confirm everything that I have learned so far and make use of it in other aspects of my life🌱.”

One thing that attracted Siimon’s attention was the people.👥 It is also one of the reasons to stay at kood/Jõhvi. “The atmosphere is amazing and even though at first people were a bit shy then now we have a lot of fun together 🎉 even outside the school walls.” He also hopes to continue communicating with everyone he has met during the 3 weeks. “In kood/Jõhvi we are forced to learn how to ask questions 🙋 and analyze every situation.🤔 This is something that confirms itself every day. Otherwise you just can’t move forward if you don’t know how to ask others, yourself or Google the right questions.”

Siimon came to see how everything works in kood/Jõhvi and seems like he likes it here. “I feel like I want to stay in kood/Jõhvi, now it’s just time to secure my spot.” What will Siimon do next? Develop Edukoht and use his newly found knowledge 🧠 of the self-learning methodology to his advantage. What does the future hold? 🔮 “Not sure, let’s see. A start-up or a few might be on the way…🦄”