kood/JobFair 2024: Empowering the Next Generation of Tech Talents

kood/JobFair returned this year with even more excitement and opportunities. Over 250 enthusiastic students and representatives from 11 top Estonian employers! We undoubtedly hit new heights! From Vlad Rannik‘s (CEO and Co-founder of CM Games) inspiring kick-off speech, to interactive panels with various IT domain experts and alumni of kood/Jõhvi, the day was full of opportunities. So get set to explore the highlights of the day together!

A pathway to a successful tech career

It’s no secret that the tech landscape changes at a breakneck pace. kood/JobFair, which was held on February 16th, provided the students and alumni with a chance to explore career prospects, gain industry insights, and make meaningful connections in this constantly changing digital scene. In addition, we equipped participants with the tools and knowledge that are necessary to navigate their professional journeys with confidence and curiosity.

Check out the highlight video by Wedia Productions!

To make sure our students felt prepared and empowered for the main action, we organised an online kood/JobFair pre-event titled “Becoming the Perfect Candidate.” In collaboration with Swedbank and Wise, this seminar covered all the essential topics for job applications in the tech industry. Some students even received live feedback on their LinkedIn profile, CV, and cover letter during this session.

From the importance of soft skills to AI

This year, kood/JobFair included two engaging panels, each offering useful advice for juniors who seek to enter the tech job market. The first panel “Tech Roles in Different Industries”, was moderated by Karin Künnapas, our Head of School. Many thought-provoking topics were covered including the importance of networking events and communication skills in order to land the first internship or mentorship and how crucial it is to build confidence early on as a junior developer. One of the key takeaways from the panel was the debunking of the common misconception that tech is only about coding, which is far from the truth! A person doesn’t have to be a coding genius or have a computer science degree to join the tech industry. Rather, diversity in educational backgrounds brings a lot to the table!

From left to right: Oleksandr Kryvoborodov, Karl Lääts, Maido Parv, Birgit Lahtein, Karin Künnapas

The Q&A session with the experts was especially lively and, of course, no tech event would be complete without the question: “Is AI going to take over?”. The consensus among panelists was clear: AI won’t take over, those who understand how to harness its power will. Wow! So much covered in just 45 minutes!

The adventures of kood/Jõhvi students in tech

Under the moderation of Jüri-Mikk Udam, Product Manager at kood/Jõhvi, the second panel discussion showcased the experience of kood/Jõhvi students who have successfully transitioned into the tech industry. From the process of getting a job and the challenges, you face along the way to how the unique experience gained at kood/Jõhvi helps to overcome them. And to make it even more interesting for you, we’re sharing the recording of this panel: click here. We hope you’ll find inspiration in the stories of our students’ success and resilience.

In addition to the panel discussions, the kood/JobFair offered a busy booth area and newly introduced Speed-Meeting sessions, where students had the opportunity to engage with representatives from participating companies. With a diverse range of roles represented, including Software Engineers, CTOs, Team Leads, HR Specialists, and many others, that was a perfect place to create meaningful connections and get insights into different roles and industries.

Our Bingo Game made networking easy and fun!

What is the value of kood/JobFair?

Attending this event is a great chance to learn about the industry. You can gain initial insight into its ongoing trends and needs. JobFair allows you to learn a lot about different companies, how they operate, and what they look for in candidates. Moreover, it provides you with direct access to key decision-makers.

I loved the amount of opportunities this event gave me and I’m super excited to apply to the internship opportunities that I learned about

Connecting with companies through Speed-Meeting sessions

kood/JobFair offers this unique opportunity to ask the right questions and save a lot of time. The feedback I got from company representatives, revealed many common themes. It helps me stand out among the other applicants. It has greatly improved my chances of being selected.

Now, I have a better understanding of recruitment procedures and what makes a standout application. It’s incredibly empowering to get insights straight from the employers on key skills they’re searching for. This upgrades my learning with real industry needs through face-to-face interaction.

kood/JobFair Afterglow

We want to extend a big thank you to our partners and supporters who helped make kood/JobFair 2024 a big success. This includes SEB, Swedbank, Pipedrive, Codeborne, Milrem Robotics, Luminor, Adcash, SMIT, Simple Magic, Tehnopol, and Peaasi. A special thank you goes to Jõhvi Municipality, Refresh Conference, SEB, and Swedbank for their generous Bingo Game prizes. And of course, we can’t forget our exceptional students whose hard work and passion continue to drive kood/Jõhvi’s mission forward. Thank you!

Networking continued at the Afterparty in a more informal environment

As we reflect on the event, we look forward with anticipation to the future. With Vlad Rannik’s opening speech still fresh in our minds: “The way to success is to put in the hours”, – the kood/Jõhvi Team stands ready to invest those hours in our students. We’re committed to equip them with essential knowledge and inspire them to take on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Join us as we continue to empower the next generation of tech talents at kood/Jõhvi, and stay tuned for the excitement and innovation that awaits at kood/JobFair 2025!

📸 by Karen Härms