How to apply to kood/Jõhvi

how to apply to kood jõhvi

With applications open, it’s a good time to go over the application process to kood/Jõhvi. 

From 2023 kood/Jõhvi will be accepting new students through an open, year-round application process. Try the Online Test and then choose your Sprint dates and start your school with the next batch that’s available!

That’s it. As easy as that. Come to kood/Jõhvi and learn the skills of the future, we will take care of the rest.

But let’s go in-depth into the application process, you know, just in case you might have any questions!

First things first – the Online Test

Go over to our homepage www.kood.tech from there you need to press the “apply now” button which grants you access to the study platform. Read through the introduction text and create your account.

Now you are ready to start your Online Test.

What is the Online Test? – a two-part game that challenges your memory and logical thinking. The Test is 1-hour long and you have to complete it in one go! 

online test kood jõhvi
This is the first step – the Online Test

Some recommendations: 

  • Use a computer and a mouse – this is for your own convenience! 
  • Make sure you can fully focus on the Test for the 1 hour
  • Don’t give up! – there are no instructions on how to solve the tasks and this is done on purpose. 
  • Take your time and think everything through.

The results

You will get your results right away from the platform.

  • In case of a successful Test the platform will notify you of next steps.
  • In case of an unsuccessful Test, you have 2 more tries to do your best!

Some of you will be thinking about what levels you need to achieve to advance to the next steps. We’ll keep this information for ourselves to keep an element of surprise. If you put in effort, you will have a successful Test.
Do your best and make it count!

The Selection Sprint

The applicants who successfully finished the Online Test, will be invited to an intense three-week on-site coding boot camp called the Selection Sprint. 

In the 2023/24 application process, you can pick between four Selection Sprints: 

  • Selection Sprint I (08.04.24 – 26.04.24)
  • Selection Sprint II (27.05.24 – 14.06.24)
  • Selection Sprint III (05.08.24 – 23.08.24)

Registration to a Sprint ends when the spots are full or 1 week before the start.

You need to successfully complete one on-site Selection Sprint, to be able to start your studies at kood/Jõhvi. 

You will be coding from day one!

Mis asi see 'Selection Sprint' täpsemalt on?
3-week full-time on-site test period (including weekends!), students working together on different assignments, fulfilling quests, exams, and teamwork exercises, learning coding through our study platform and Go programming language. 
During the Selection Sprint, future students can learn practical coding skills and assess if our program aligns with their educational and career goals.

Want to hear more about the Selection Sprint? Read the student experiences in our blog.

The Selection Sprint results will be notified right after the Selection Sprint. 

Starting school at kood/Jõhvi

Welcome to kood/Jõhvi, where you’ll embark on an exciting coding journey!
After completing the Online Test and a 3-week Selection Sprint, you’ve secured your spot at kood/Jõhvi – congratulations!

The 1st batch of kood/Jõhvi started with 200 students who graduated in 2023 September!

Once you begin your full-time program at kood/Jõhvi, you’ll dive deep into the world of coding. The program is up to 18 months long, but ambitious students are able to complete it even faster thanks to the programs dynamic approach to studying.

After graduation, you’ll be a skilled (junior) full-stack developer ready to enter the job market. Plus, our Talent Network guarantees that you’ll have a job offer waiting for you. Or, if you prefer, you can start your own company – the possibilities are endless! At kood/Jõhvi, we’re committed to helping you kickstart your career in tech.

To learn more about our school and offerings, please check out our homepage and blog.

If you have any questions, our FAQ section is a great resource, or feel free to email us at info@kood.tech.