Turning Childhood Memories into a Music Game

Guess the Year game

Do you remember watching MTV music videos and trying to guess the year of release? Well, one of our first batch students, Alex-Andre Viik, has turned this childhood memory into a real-life game for everyone to enjoy!

Using his 1.5 years of coding experience, he created a game that’s perfect for music and music video enthusiasts of all ages.

In this blog post, we talked with Alex to learn more about his inspiration and development process for the game.

Inspiration and Background

Alex’s inspiration for the game came from a similar game he saw on VH1, a television station that played music videos and then displayed the release year at the end. However, he wanted to create a game that was more interactive and engaging for the user.

“My friend and I used to play this game when we were younger, and I thought it would be great to bring it to life with my coding skills,” Alex said.

Development Process

Alex’s objective was to create a game that users could play quickly on different devices and with poor internet connections. To achieve this, he kept the code as minimal as possible and used only the holy trinity of Javascript, CSS, and HTML.

He also drew inspiration from well-known web games such as Geoguessr and HigherOrLower for the game’s visuals and user experience.

Snapshot from “The Higher or Lower Game”

Still a work in progress

One of the challenges Alex faced during development was getting the sound to autoplay on iOS devices. “Normally, this is a good thing, but in this case, it was a pain,” Alex explained.

Snapshot from Alex’s game

He tried various options, but none of them worked. As a result, users on devices other than PCs must unmute each video, which can be a hassle.

Future Plans

Since the success of the game within a smaller circle, Alex has been working on a chatbot with a memory that people can talk to and it will remember them when they return inspired by ChatGPT. He sees this as an excellent concept that he would like to explore further in the future.

Play the game!

If you’re a music or music video enthusiast and would like to test your knowledge, you can play Alex’s game by visiting https://guess.viik.me. You enter the year by typing in the numbers and pressing enter!


It’s always great to see people turn their childhood memories into something that everyone can enjoy. Alex’s game is a perfect example of this, and we hope to see more innovative creations from him in the future.

Alex’s free time hobby is skateboarding!

If you have any ideas or viewpoints, you can email Alex at roosarula@gmail.com.