Episode 4 – “First year in kood/Jõhvi” with Märten Puust & Keiti Nurmbek

keiti nurmbek kood cast

Welcome to the 4th episode of kood/Cast, kood/Jõhvi’s own podcast led by the students themselves is live!

In episode 4 we are having a chat with Märten Puust and Keiti Nurmbek – 2 kood/Jõhvi students who have finished their first year of studies and are already working in the field of IT.

Märten’s background lies in mechanical engineering and working in the product team at Veriff. He was thinking of trying out new challenges and found kood/Jõhvi! Keiti on the other hand worked with animals before making her way to IT – she was working in a shelter. After some time, she started studying IT in a vocational school and right after also found kood/Jõhvi. Now she’s finishing kood/Jõhvi’s first year and working at the same time as a full-stack developer.

Keiti is studying on-site about 60% of her time.

During the hour-long episode, Keiti and Märten recap the 1st year of kood/Jõhvi from the Sprints to everyday tasks and side events, then talk about finding a job in the field of IT and combining both kood/Jõhvi and a full-time job. At the end they go more in-depth about next ideas and ambitions!

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  The podcast is up also on AnchorSpotify and Youtube.