Meet Elīna Ražena 🇱🇻

Meet Elīna Ražena, hopefully, one of our future students. 🏃

Elina is a 30-year-old co-founder and CEO of a programming school for children in Latvia (Learn IT) 🇱🇻, currently living in Slovenia.🇸🇮 She has been a part of the start-up and education world for years now and is always keeping her head up for new advancements. The start-up way of trying and learning and therefore getting quick feedback works for her the best and that’s why kood/Jõhvi seemed like a great place to come to develop her coding skills! 💻

“It’s crazy how fast you can adapt to new things, e.g. school life. Me, as a business owner who became a student overnight, felt like it could be a hard transition. To my surprise, it’s not that black and white. Working together with highly motivated people towards the same goal🎯, doesn’t leave time to analyze the situation. And thanks to so many cool and open people, we’ve been creating a small Sprint community that makes me feel at home. Did not expect that,” says Elina about her first thoughts vs. current experiences. “I’m really enjoying building real stuff together with awesome people. These skills of problem solving, persistence, and teamwork 👥 are super valuable to me.”

Currently, Elina feels like the Selection Sprint is at a moderate level. “Some days are harder than others.💪 But helpful people around me help me through the hardships and I help them as much as I can.” Her previous experience in coding is quite limited but thanks to the understanding of the study methods in kood/Jõhvi she’s had a great time so far. Constantly learning from other people but also developing her own skills by teaching others! 👩‍🏫

Elina’s plans are to continue on the road of coding!🛣️ Her first option: kood/Jõhvi! Option number two is going to be University. But she’s doing the tasks, exams, and everything else with a mentality that she’s getting accepted. Let’s hope for the best, one week of Sprint to go! 🚀