Gunta Kļava is an 18-year-old high school student from 🇱🇻 Latvia. This year she finished high school and now she is looking for new opportunities. During high school, she learned some IT and found out that the tech sector is for her. 💻 Why kood/Jõhvi? Well, she saw an interesting choice and wanted to try it out. Now it’s been almost 3 weeks already and it feels like this is the place for her.

When talking about the workload during the Selection Sprint, Gunta brings out her earlier experience. “The basics I learned from high school have helped me with understanding the overall logic 🧩 behind the tasks. I started building upon the foundation I gathered in school and used it to my advantage.” But when she gets stuck then she uses the help of her peers. 👥 “I wasn’t sure about my knowledge and was afraid to come to the Sprint. But when being on-site, you can find all the answers together with the people around you. Actually, there was no need to be scared.”

Something that Gunta brings out is the communication factor. 💬 “During the Selection Sprint, it’s impossible to advance in the program without talking to other people. This has been a huge push for me to improve my social skills.” Gunta feels like it is easy to chat with people around her because she is surrounded by like-minded people. When at home in Latvia she is used to more of a traditional way of life, here everyone has a different view on how everything works. She likes to challenge 🏋️ herself and has an open-to-everything mindset. 🧠 

What will happen after the Selection Sprint? 🔜 Hopefully, Gunta gets in and starts her new chapter in kood/Jõhvi. Before that, she needs to think some stuff straight. “I really like IT and want to tie my future with the tech sector. But before starting my school in kood/Jõhvi, I need to take into account all the other opportunities  f.e university, before I make my final 🤔 decision.”