Kazuki Taira is a 27-year-old from Japan🇯🇵. After finishing high school, he went to study in California, USA. Kazuki found his way to Estonia 1.5 years ago. He mainly liked the concept of the startup 🚀 ecosystem, high tech solutions and came here to check it out himself. After hearing about kood/Jõhvi, Kazuki got interested in the idea of the school and wanted to be a part of it. 🧩

So far Kazuki describes the Selection Sprint 🏃 as challenging and interesting but at the same time quite easy if you understand the logic behind different assignments. Thanks to Kazuki’s former experience from his school days and learning coding by himself, the pace and amount of tasks in the program have been just enough. He does say that the program is completely immersive and feels a bit like living in a bubble. “The Selection Sprint is built so you go full in depth into programming. It is hard to be flexible between different activities, for example exercising 💪, daily work 🗒️ and programming 💻.” 

He really values the rare and unique experience that kood/Jõhvi offers. “I’ve seen similar ideas with interactive learning courses but kood/Jõhvi is doing something completely different by putting people together under the same roof 🏫. This creates an atmosphere for success,” says Kazuki. Another important factor for Kazuki is the opportunity that programming gives him. “Programming gives you the chance to create something for yourself and at the same time experiment 🧪 with different ideas.” 

After the Selection Sprint ⏭️, Kazuki will have to make the decision of whether or not to come to the school. Right now he is not sure about his future but is eager to try out everything new. 🆕 “I feel like the 2 year program can offer me a lot,” says Kazuki. One thing is certain – he will continue with developing his coding skills ⌨️ to make sure that he can evolve together with the ever-changing world.