Meet Aleksandr Kuzin 🚀

Aleksandr is a 32 year old actor from Tallinn. 🎭 Acting gives him the opportunity to be in different roles and programming is something that he has no experience with. Aleksandr saw an ad about kood/Jõhvi and took it as his goal to come to the Selection Sprint and learn something new. The 3-week program seemed like a great way to put himself in a challenging situation and come out as a changed person.

With the start of the Selection Sprint, Aleksandr came across some obstacles. 🚧 “I knew nothing about the programming world and the beginning was quite hard. By the end of the 1st week, I felt like I’m getting a hang of it and ever since everything has been going really smoothly. It was hard to stay motivated during the first few days,” says Aleksandr when talking about the progress so far. The second week gave him more of a sense of how everything works and by now he feels like everything is achievable.✌️

There are 2 reasons Aleksandr didn’t quit at the beginning of the Sprint: 1) he’s not a quitter, 2) he always found help from people around him 🫂. “These 3 weeks have shown me that working alone can be nice but when tackling the unknown, you need people by your side.” He felt like the key to surviving the Selection Sprint is to communicate with other people who can provide extra knowledge and motivation.

Aleksandr came to the Selection Sprint to learn something new. Now he wants to stay in kood/Jõhvi to get even better at coding🔝 and pursue his career in acting. This way he gets all the tools needed to understand the world around him. At the same time coding is something that can help him bring his fantasies of building fun apps and business models into reality.