Meet Mihkel Leesment 🚀

Mihkel is a 44-year old lawyer ⚖️ by education, game designer 👾 by heart. When he finished high school, he had to make a choice between studying law or IT and chose law. Now it is time for his redemption as he has realized that programming and this kind of problem-solving is something that motivates him to work hard. Also, thanks to his interest in games and his game studio Lifelong Fun;D, programming is something that will help him develop further in his new career choice.

When talking about the Selection Sprint, Mihkel is really positive. 🌞 He had no prior official background in programming but had tried to learn some programming languages independently. He feels that the format of kood/Jõhvi suits his overall work ethic and has found that difficult assignments actually give him an additional motivation push. “Every kind of challenge makes my eyes sparkle so I feel like I have ended up in the right place with like-minded people,” says Mihkel. If something feels unreachable, he finds support from his new Selection Sprint friends. 🤝

Another important factor that Mihkel brings out is the sense of community.  “People who understand the topic help out the ones who get stuck. Everyone is always up to lend a helping hand.” Even now Mihkel is keeping a mental note of people with whom he has a good relationship. He has big dreams 💭 and is always looking for people with a similar mindset to pursue his ideas with. 

What’s next ⏭️ for Mihkel? kood/Jõhvi! He feels like this is finally it. This is the place that will give him the final push to enter the world of tech as he has wanted since his high school days. Let’s hope for the best. One thing Mihkel is definitely not lacking is the motivation to succeed!