kood/Jõhvi’s First Graduation

kood/Jõhvi proudly celebrated the graduation of its inaugural class on Friday, September 22. With 45 students completing the comprehensive program, 39 from the school’s first batch and 6 from the second, these graduates have achieved remarkable success, with some completing their studies in less than a year. What’s even more impressive is that nearly half of the first-batch students have already entered the competitive IT job market.

Each graduate received certificates that proudly documented their successful completion of the program.

Dedication to Growth and Success

Since their enrollment in 2021, 39 students from the first cohort have earned their degrees, while an additional 83 students from the same group are currently extending their studies with plans to complete the self-study program in the near future.

Liis Leidsaar, pictured in the middle, assists students in securing their first tech sector jobs.

As Liis Leidsaar, kood/Jõhvi’s Talent Manager, emphasizes, “More important for us than how many people have officially graduated from the program is their contribution to the IT field and their ability to thrive in the working world. Currently, around 50 of our current and former students have entered the labor market, and this is a true measure of our success.”

Diverse IT Career Paths

These graduates are making waves in various IT roles, primarily as software developers and engineers. However, their influence extends beyond coding, with some venturing into roles as project managers, testing and technical support specialists, and even as entrepreneurs. Leidsaar proudly mentions, “A few start-ups have already emerged from our school. For instance, MindSee, an artificial intelligence development company, is currently among the top 20 in Ajujaht and is actively recruiting students as their developers.”

Key Qualities that Set Graduates Apart

What sets kood/Jõhvi graduates apart in the job market is their practical project experience, teamwork skills, and self-discipline. These qualities are carefully nurtured alongside coding skills, making them invaluable talents in the tech industry.

Endorsement from Industry Leaders

The success of the school is further corroborated by the tech companies that have hired kood/Jõhvi students. Leelia Rohumaa, the Human Resources Director of the Estonian unicorn Glia, views their collaboration with kood/Jõhvi as an investment in the future of IT talent.

One of the graduates of the 1st batch, Markko Junolainen, has worked in Glia for 1.5 years now

“Over the past year and a half, we have witnessed the remarkable development of talented young students. In our case, this is proof that those learning at kood/Jõhvi possess skills that align with the needs of a technology company. Such collaboration enriches us as a company and fortifies the entire IT sector.”

Continued Growth and Diversity

Excitingly, last week marked the beginning of the third batch of kood/Jõhvi, welcoming 215 new students out of a staggering 3,600 applicants from the summer selection process. And also the 4th batch of kood/Jõhvi starts from January 17, 2024.

Taavet Hinrikus, one of the founders of the school, joined the students by digital channels

Currently, the school boasts a diverse student body from 24 different nationalities embarking on their educational journey. Of these students, 11% come from a basic education background, 58% hold secondary education credentials, and 31% have prior higher education experience. As kood/Jõhvi has been on a mission to increase gender diversity in the IT sector since its inception, it’s noteworthy that the percentage of female students has now reached 30%.


The story of kood/Jõhvi’s success is not just about graduating students but about nurturing the next generation of IT leaders and innovators. As they continue to thrive and evolve, it’s clear that this programming school is making a significant impact on the tech industry, one graduate at a time.

The stars of the day – the graduates of kood/Jõhvi