kood/Jõhvi Welcomes its 3rd Batch in 2023!

After an intense application process that saw the participation of more than 3600 aspiring students, kood/Jõhvi is thrilled to kick off its 3rd batch with a cohort of 215 bright minds!

A Global Gathering

This year’s batch is a true testament to the diversity and global appeal of our program, with students hailing from a staggering 19 different nationalities. From Estonia to Romania, from Spain to Bangladesh, we’re weaving a rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds right here in Jõhvi!

Age is Just a Number at kood/Jõhvi

As we gear up for this incredible journey, let’s celebrate the wide range of experiences and perspectives within our new batch. Our youngest students are just 18, while our most seasoned learner is an inspiring 62-year-old! The average age clocks in at 28 (with a median of 26), proving that learning knows no age limits.

We’re also excited to announce that 25% of our incoming students are trailblazing women ready to make their mark in the tech world. Let’s keep breaking down barriers and striving for gender balance in the field! 

On-Site vs. Remote

One third of our 3rd batch students will be living fully on-site within our school building, while the other part will be participating in the study process remotely, with occasional visits to our fantastic campus. Flexibility meets opportunity! 

With all our Student Housing spots now occupied, Jõhvi has become the vibrant home to approximately 140 students from both the 2nd and 3rd batches. This diverse and dynamic community of learners enriches our educational environment and fosters a vibrant campus life.

The Road Ahead

Over the next 18 months, our students will embark on an exciting journey, acquiring the skills and knowledge to become mid to senior Full-Stack Developers. With a curriculum packed with 50+ projects in a variety of languages (Go, Javascript, Rust, and more), and specialization branches, they’ll be well-equipped for the ever-evolving tech landscape.

kood/Jõhvi is not just about coding, here we also foster the ability to learn how to learn, solve complex problems, and collaborate creatively. Together, we’re shaping an intelligent collective that’s ready to tackle the challenges of the digital age! 

As we begin this thrilling journey, stay tuned for updates, success stories, and the incredible achievements of our 3rd batch. Here’s to the future of tech, innovation, and endless possibilities!