kood/Jõhvi’s building opens up for students

In 2022, people from over 32 nationalities participated in the Selection Sprint process. And the best 300 applicants will start their studies from the 21st of November in our newly renovated building in Jõhvi!

The new building in Jõhvi (2. Tartu põik 5)

“A wide variety of people took part in the 3-week Selection Sprint process. Within the Sprinters, the average age was 27 and their previous experience with programming was close to zero,” said Karin Künnapas, the head of school at kood/Jõhvi.

When going more in-depth into the statistics we see that 65% of Sprinters were men and 35% were women. Education-wise, the highest percentage of applicants came from a high school background (52%), and about ⅓ of the Sprinters came from a background in higher education. 

Something for our statistics lovers.

Extra activities toward people from Ukraine

This year’s Selection Sprint was also targeted toward people in Ukraine. For a refugee from Ukraine, we offered them the possibility to come and learn at kood/Jõhvi with a scholarship and accommodation provided by the school for the whole 2-year program. 

Glib (on the left) made his way to the Selection Sprint from Ukraine.

Olha Yarukhina, a 38-year-old designer from Kyiv was successful with her Selection Sprint and is starting her school journey in November. “Although 3 months ago I lost my favorite job and a wonderful life in my beloved Kyiv, I try to stay positive and believe that I will have an even better job and new dreams in the future.”

“I am infinitely grateful kood/Jõhvi for this experience and the opportunity to immerse myself in a highly efficient study process, as well as for the feeling of normal life, which has been diminishing since 2020”

Results of the Selection Sprint

Altogether, about 300 applicants crossed the threshold needed to start their studies at kood/Jõhvi, 15% of them from Ukraine.

We can say that the people who passed the threshold from the 3413 initial applicants are the most motivated future students, who are ready to disrupt the status quo and show their skills to the world! Among the applicants, we had people from Estonia and the rest of the Baltics but also from Austria and Indonesia.

The 2022 application period reached its end and by the end of October, the 2nd batch of students will be complied. The students start their studies from the 21st of November in the new building together with the 1st batch of students. The official opening party of the new school building will take place on the 30th of November.

People from the 2nd Selection Sprint of 2022, altogether there were 4 Sprints.

The kood/Jõhvi building is finally ready!

With November, we are slowly moving into our new building. It’s a milestone we’ve been waiting for for a while now and gives many more opportunities for even more awesome future plans. 

The new school building has 5 floors: 

Floor 1: co-working area and leisure area. Laundry facilities with washing machines and dryers;
Floor 2: hostel rooms with kitchens, showers, and bathrooms;
Floor 3: quiet study area with tables and chairs and a kitchen corner with couches, meeting room, and bathrooms;
Floor 4: data center;
Floor 5: study area with tables and chairs and a kitchen corner with couches and leisure area; meeting room, team room, and storage, bathrooms.

Both study areas (floor 3 and floor 5) have more than 600m2 of open space.

The school building environment is also available for rent. If you have any ideas then write to us and let’s organize something awesome!