Students from Ukraine

Students from Ukraine are guaranteed a scholarship and free accommodation for the whole 2-year program at kood/Jõhvi! 🇺🇦

For a refugee from Ukraine, we are offering you the possibility to come and learn at kood/Jõhvi with a scholarship and accommodation provided by us for the whole 2-year program. After the program you’re a qualified full stack developer that can get guaranteed work with our partners or take your knowledge somewhere else.

This one small step we are doing to give out a helping hand to those who might need it.

Great to have the support of the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation who also see kood/Jõhvi as a great opportunity to teach IT skills to those interested. After the program the students also have an opportunity to develop the Ukrainian IT-sector. 💻

All potential students do need to go through the application process as everyone else. The school also helps with any kind of paperwork needed to come to Estonia for the 3-week test period. For this students need to write to info@kood.tech after a successful Online Test.

More info about the school ➡️ www.kood.tech

Information on the Ministrys webpage

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