Welcoming Batch 4 of kood/Jõhvi

On January 17, Batch 4 of kood/Jõhvi took off with 115 driven individuals, marking a start for their incredible coding journey! Yes, you heard it right – things took a dynamic turn as we decided to welcome not one but TWO batches of coding enthusiasts in one year.

Discovering the new cohort

To find out who the 4th batch brings us, let’s dive into the demographics! The average age of students is 28, with the median age being 27. In terms of gender representation, 20% of the individuals are women, while 80% are men. There are students from Bangladesh, Belarus, the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Latvia, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, and of course, Estonia, making up a diverse cohort. We have those learning full-time on-site and residing in the Student Housing in Jõhvi, and others studying remotely while occasionally using the school premises when needed.

Day One: Insights & Reunions

The first day of studies kicked off with an insightful kood/Talk by Swedbank, one of the school’s esteemed partner companies. The theme, “Engineers’ Life at Swedbank“, provided students with a glimpse into the real-world experiences of engineers. According to Mattias, a batch 4 student, it was an eye-opener: “Right from the start of my studies, I got lots of valuable insights on networking and portfolio building. Also, speakers provided me with a better understanding of the real-world aspects of the tech industry.”.

First meet-up with the mentors from Batch 2 & 3

Of course, this day was not just about studies, it was also about a reunion. Students got a chance to come together and reconnect with friends made during the Selection Sprint. It was a warm get-together, which created a cozy and inviting atmosphere within the walls of kood/Jõhvi. Skye, a batch 4 student, shared: “Reconnecting with the friends I made during the Selection Sprint was a fantastic bonus of the day. Considering I’ll be participating in the program remotely, this meet-up gave me the much-needed inspiration and I believe it will fuel me for a long time.”

The Coding Journey Ahead

Over the next 18 months, Batch 4 will immerse themselves in various projects and specialization branches, exploring a range of programming languages such as Go, JavaScript, and more. But this journey is a lot more than only technical skills. kood/Jõhvi’s self-learning methodology also aims to develop students’ ability to learn how to learn, solve complex problems, and collaborate creatively.

Exciting isn’t it? If you can envision yourself as part of our next batch of students, seize the opportunity and apply now! Let’s conquer the challenges of the ever-evolving technology landscape together!