Discover Why kood/Jõhvi is the Ultimate Choice for Diverse Students

kood jõhvi students

Not so long ago, kood/Jõhvi opened its doors to individuals from diverse backgrounds, all with a shared goal of learning how to code. Our coding school has created a welcoming community that brings together people from various walks of life, regardless of their educational or professional background. 

The main reasons behind choosing kood/Jõhvi

kood/Jõhvi’s comprehensive 2-year program is designed to provide students with the essential A-tier, 21st-century coding skills that are in high demand in the tech industry. Through a combination of hands-on projects and practical training, students are gaining the necessary knowledge to thrive in the fast-paced world of technology. 

Workshop together with one of our partner companies Wise

The motivations and reasons why students choose our school vary. Some are seeking a career change and new challenges, while others have always been interested in working in the tech sector. Some see kood/Jõhvi as a clear opportunity for a well-paid and stable job as a result of our teaching methodology and partner network.

Let’s see what our students talk about their initial thought process and current experience in the next segment

Student testimonials

“Originally from Ukraine, I have worked in various fields throughout my life, including graphic design, photography, bartending, and construction process analysis. However, when the war broke out in my country, I was forced to leave and seek refuge elsewhere. Fortunately, I have always been drawn to the field of technology and have been eager to pursue a career in this industry. Despite the challenges that I have faced, kood/Jõhvi has a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and people with sparks in their eyes, which helped me to adapt.” 

Nikol, 25

“kood/Jõhvi just seemed like the right fit for me. I had previously tried attending a traditional University, but I found that the structure of deadlines and traditional classroom learning wasn’t favourable to my learning style. In fact, it had the opposite effect, draining my energy and motivation. kood/Jõhvi’s unique approach to education, with lots of practical tasks, was much more appealing to me and aligned more closely with my needs and goals.” 

Gunta, 21

“After completing my degree in economics and business, I primarily worked in the startup world and even had a chance to live in Mexico. However, I wanted to broaden my knowledge and skill set in the technology sector and that’s when I stumbled upon kood/Jõhvi. It turned out to be the perfect fit for me, meeting all of my requirements and expectations. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of this community of like-minded individuals.”

Egon, 35
The 2nd batch of kood/Jõhvi started at the end of November, 2022!

“One of the things that I particularly enjoy about this school is the networking opportunities it provides. I love the fact that I can make friends with so many people and it is impossible to oversee the potential long-term benefits that come with building a strong professional network in the tech industry.” 

Joshua, 19

“One of the biggest advantages of this school is its flexibility, compared to the university. I have the freedom to decide when I want to focus on my studies, and I can adjust my study schedule to fit my needs. I can progress through the curriculum at my own pace, so if I feel like studying more on one day and less on another, I have the ability to do so.” 

Even, 22

Start of applications

The application period for our upcoming batch of students is just around the corner, starting on March 1st, 2023. If you are interested in applying and ready to take your studies to the next level, read further from “How to apply?“. 

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to join the kood/Jõhvi community and become part of a dynamic and growing industry!