Explore kood/Jõhvi’s School Building in Estonia

kood/Jõhvi’s brand new building is the ultimate place for coding wizards to learn and grow! With five floors of modern amenities, this building is all about teamwork and creating a comfortable space for students to thrive.

On November 30th, we celebrated the grand opening of this amazing building with students, partners, and special guests from the state and local region. Now, both remote and on-site students flock to our building to work on projects, attend events, and just hang out.

So what’s it like to live and study at kood/Jõhvi’s super cool building? Come take a tour and find out!

Let’s start from the 1st floor!

When entering the school building, you step straight into the kood/Jõhvi environment!

The first floor is a co-working and leisure area, with a meeting room and a small classroom. The floor also welcomes a small kitchen corner with a coffee machine.

The first floor is an amazing space to host seminars, workshops and other cool events. If this idea already catches your eye, then write to info@kood.tech and we’ll get in touch!

The second floor is home for on-site students

The second floor is home to the school’s hostel, with 30 loft-style rooms that can accommodate up to 5 people each. The rooms are spacious and have high ceilings, and are equipped with bunk beds, a regular bed, and a table with chairs. Each bed has its own charging outlets and lights, and is outfitted with a high-quality mattress, pillow, and blanket from Dreamsville.

There are also two communal kitchens on this floor, as well as separate bathrooms and showers.

Study areas are located on the 3rd and 5th floor

The third and fifth floors are both study areas, with more than 600 square meters of open space each. These floors have a modern open office feel, with high-quality office furniture including tables, chairs, and monitors.

The third floor is designed for independent study and quiet work, while the fifth floor is more geared towards teamwork. Both floors are also equipped with a kitchen corner and meeting rooms!

The floor of mystery

The fourth floor is a data center that is not used by kood/Jõhvi students. So instead of pictures of server rooms, here’s a picture of our furriest student – Robin! He’s a 5-year old from Tallinn, looking to make his way to the world of IT.

And we’ve made it to the end

Overall, kood/Jõhvi’s new school building is a bright and welcoming space that is well-suited to the school’s unique approach to education. Its various floors and amenities offer students the opportunity to work independently or in teams, and to take breaks and relax in a variety of settings. It is an ideal place for students to learn, grow, and develop their coding skills.

The main thanks for the whole school building construction process goes to a lot of people and companies. We’d like to especially showcase KRC Construction, Telora, KAMP Architects, Velvet, OCCO, Kaamos, Marven Aus and Ehitusinsenerid OÜ.