Meet Tõnu Uusmaa, hopefully one of our future students. 🏃

Tõnu is a 37-year-old  from Tallinn and also very eager to get started in the world of IT. Previously he has acquired a law degree ⚖️ but also worked in the maritime transportation sector for several years for a global carrier. 🚢In recent years he has started working in product development for the company’s online business.

He has long thought about finding his way into IT, but life has always found other things to put on his way. E.g. Masters studies in logistics and supply chain management. Having kind of hit a dead end in his current field, both on a personal and professional level, Tõnu is looking for new possibilities. 🔍IT with its development and learning possibilities is a great motivation to join the kood/Jõhvi program and get to work with more challenging and compelling projects in the future. 💻

He has already done some coding using online resources, working with Python and Java, for example. Other than practising new skills and programming concepts in his free time, he also enjoys riding his road bike on the roads of South Estonia 🚵, exploring new cities and areas, both by bike and on foot. Other than that he also likes his local social dancing scene, dancing both salsa and bachata and meeting new people. 🕺💃Plus several other hobbies.

Tõnu at Vilnius international Salsa Festival,

Wish good luck to Tõnu for the other half of the Selection Sprint and hopefully see him already in October! 🔜