Changing Education | DLD 22

On May 21st, one of the founders of kood/Jõhvi Taavet Hinrikus and the Head of School Karin Künnapas visited Munich to take part in DLD Conference 2022!

A lot was discussed during the panel talk! Firstly, Taavet talked about the kind of competencies that successful entrepreneurs like him are looking for in people they hire and where universities and the school system falls short in getting folks ready for those kind of jobs. He also talked about alternatives and the role that the private sector has (e.g. kood/Jõhvi).

Taavet Hinrikus @DLDConference

The Head of School Karin took all the listeners on a journey through the kood/Jõhvi application process and introduced our current students and applicants background! She also talked about the self-learning methodology and how it works in practice.

Have a look at the full panel from here: