Last week of Selection Sprint = remote week!

During the last week of the Selection Sprint, students try out co-working👥, solving tasks, and developing teamwork skills by using Discord and other helpful tools. 🛠️

This is to show students what working on the tasks remotely looks like – this is what we’ve seen from the 1st batch of students that a lot of people want to work remotely but it’s not for them. This way future students can try it out themselves and see how it works! 🧑‍💻

Sprint students are now home! 🏠 Some of them have gotten together in co-working spaces around different cities. Others are accompanied by their animals🐕 and use different tools, to work together with peers!

⬇️Here are some of their current emotions⬇️

“It takes some time to start doing the tasks without my motivated roommates.”

“Well there are more distractions than there were when staying on-site but it’s still fun to lose yourself to coding for hours straight when you get the task rolling.”

“It seems that I got the opposite of homesickness. 😂”

Want to experience the Sprint in real life? Apply and be one of the students starting their school journey🎢 in kood/Jõhvi!

–>Piesakies šeit! <–