Meet Anna-Maria Ninnas 🚀

Anna-Maria is a 24-year-old Estonian who has lived in Thailand for the last 13 years. Right now, she is in the middle of her masters studies in Asian Societies and Anthropology. 📚 She wants to integrate into the world of tech and use programming as a lingua franca for interacting with other people. Her interest in programming came from a young age but her family advised her into moving towards more feminine subjects. Now she has the opportunity to make her own decisions and came to kood/Jõhvi to fulfill her young-adult  ambitions.

When talking about her expectations 🔮 of the Selection Sprint and the actual reality then Anna-Maria feels like you create your own reality. “Some people lack the confidence to help each other right now but I feel like this will change in the coming days,” says Anna. Right now she feels like the work you put in is as heavy as exercising but the people around her keep her moving forwards. “I can’t think of doing all of this by myself. This kind of environment promotes progress and chatting with other people gives you lots of new knowledge even outside of the coding world.”💻

Anna-Maria describes herself as a problem-solver that is always looking for solutions to different situations. Programming is great for that in today’s developed world. Another thing that Anna-Maria has concluded in these few days is that actions speak 🗣️ louder than words. “Who and what you are doesn’t matter, all of us are in the same troubles during the Sprint, and being kind and caring to each other is an important element for success 🧩,” says Anna. An important factor is the atmosphere where people are put in – different people from around the world that need to find a common ground and work together towards a mutual goal. 🎯

After the Sprint Anna-Maria wants to use IT as a tool to evolve her favorite past-time activities. She likes reading 📖 and creating fictional literature. Right now she feels like there is a need for interactive storytelling with the tools that programming provides. What happens after the Sprint? “Let’s see, one step at a time.” 🚶