Meet Moon Ree Jalakas 🚀

Moon-Ree Jalakas

Moon is a 20-year old who took a gap year after high school and started working in Lift99. There she found out that the start-up ecosystem suits her and started thinking about future plans. She explored different schools, their programs and then found about kood/Jõhvi – a school that fits her ambitions perfectly. Now Moon is here at Sillamäe with zero prior knowledge of coding. 🎉

“The first days have been challenging, a lot of new information,” says Moon. But when talking about what still drives her to continue, then she brings out teamwork. “Teamwork makes the dream work is something that I have learned in these few days,” emphasizes Moon Ree when talking about the Selection Sprint. She also said that another important factor is to not compare yourself to others – people’s work ethic and ways they find the solution is different. That does not mean that they are better or worse. 

When talking about working with other people, she brings out a 7 o’clock jog and swim 🏊, that they have done with a group of people she met here in Sillamäe, at the Selection Sprint. “When the alarm waked me up in the early morning, I felt like closing it and sleeping but I saw my roommate already getting dressed and I couldn’t be worse than her. So I left my bed and went outside,” recalls Moon. This sort of accepting-new-challenges mentality is one of the values of kood/Jõhvi. 

After the 3-week test period, Moon Ree would like to start her school journey at kood/Jõhvi. When talking about future plans, she feels uncertain but at the same time confident that learning programming and the connections from kood/Jõhvi will come in handy where ever she puts her foot down in the future.