“Emotions, learnings and experiences”

3 students behind computer

“Wait, so you are trading your life here in Tallinn for some programming school in IDA-VIRUMAA?” – said all of my friends. And I assume many of you are thinking the same. And I was too. But what helped me take a leap decision to be an onsite student is the emotional craving for a community during pandemic times. The Selection Sprint showed that what makes this school amazing and different is the team work, learning in teams and shared struggle.

Everyday life

Though I still was hesitant to move to a somewhat boring and unknown part of Estonia. But you know what? I wouldn’t have studied as well in Tallinn, as I do here. There are no distractions here. You have nowhere to run, life is slow. But when you want to have fun – living in such a remote location only helps you to be creative and come up with interesting solutions with people inside the campus. But when we do go outside, we enjoy the walks near the sea in Sillamäe, we play disc golf in Mäetaguse, drive to Narva or Jõhvi for lunch. Or even destress after intense periods in the SPAs or on the gorgeous beach of Narva-Jõesuu. 

Playing disc golf

One of the amazing things here is that you can shape and form your experience at school the way you want. Staff is very supportive. Want to have girls only chat-and-paint night? They will buy you materials! Want to do sports every week? Rented a sports hall.

As someone who loves hosting social activities and seeing people grow and expand their horizons I love being a part of this. In the last 6 months we have started a dancing club, yoga and stretching club, regular mindfulness practices and painting. 

Girls painting session


But what is most important is that we feel heard and supported. School is always open to propositions. Our feedback is constantly valued and based on that made changes. Being here feels less like battling with the system and old rules, and more like a community effort to build a better place for all of us and future students. I really don’t feel a wall between us and the staff that works here. They attend our events and goof around with us in the kitchen. But they will come forward when help is needed or just to listen to us whine about how we’re struggling. Team room is always open for us to hang out there with free cookies and tea. 

Waiting for new kood/’ers

That’s why we are excited to welcome all of you guys here! We can’t wait for the Selection Sprints to start this year to relive the same emotions we had experienced once, again with new people! We really want to share from the bottom of our hearts how amazing this school is with as many people as possible! So please, please APPLY! We will welcome you with open hands. YOU! Don´t hesitate, if you are thinking if it’s something for you or not. Come and live through the mini version of the school during the спринт in April or Summer and bombard us with as many questions as you want. We will answer them all and be there for you. And only then make your final decision. 

President Kaljulaid
The first batch of students on the first day of school

The bigger the community the better the school will be! Come and help us build it together. Let’s make history!

by Margarita Zahharova